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Yoga & Meditation

It all starts by connecting breath to movement. Inhale, expand…exhale, contract. Gradually, your mind and body become in sync as you practice mindful movement. Strength and flexibility inevitably follow as practice becomes regular. When distractions of the mind are reduced, life energy builds and the body optimizes function.

Yoga is more than poses, it is the union of all layers of the human system. Enhance your body, steady your mind and find a way, without trying, to reach the foundation of who you are past your identities and into the connective tissue of the collective. Humans are flesh but also energetic beings. Roll out your mat to feel and experience the multidimensional you.

Yoga Offerings

Restorative with Live Music

A yoga practice that begins with meditation, breath awareness, and gentle stretching to prepare the body for a time of restoration and relaxation. The practice will include at least 3 restorative postures with tranquil sounds and music. Imagine 3 Supported Savasanas (aka mindful yoga “naps”) to help you release the worries of your week and open you to a blissful weekend! All levels welcome.

Relax + Restore

Indulge in an evening of deeply relaxing postures designed to unravel tension, increase mobility, and calm the nervous system. A combination of yin and restorative yoga, this class is perfect for anyone who is looking to improve sleep and recalibrate their body and mind from head to toe. All levels welcome.

Soul Soothe

In a culture practically designed to foster burnout, this is an end of the week respite for mind, body, and spirit. Sara utilizes combined practices of yin, slow flow, restorative, and touches of nidra in a darkened room. All are invited to slowly unfold into peace, stillness, and presence. All levels welcome.

Sunday Soul Shine

In the spirit of Sunday mornings as a traditional time to gather in community around themes of the sacred, this slow flow class welcomes all bodies and practice levels, and offers inspiration to embody our collective radiance both on and beyond the mat. All levels welcome.

Feel Good Flow

A real good, feel good, down tempo flow. This class infuses fluid movement, an in depth exploration of postures and transitions, with elements of stretch, strength and balance. A perfect balance of effort and ease to deepen your practice and cultivating a deep sense of calm within. All levels welcome.

Fluid Flow

A satisfying blend of mindful movement, fluid connections, strength and stretch. This class will connect breath to movement, curiosity to effort, and  awareness to stillness to end your work day. Carrie leads guided meditation during final rest and you will leave feeling open and renewed! All levels welcome.

Playful Flow

This class combines yoga, sound, energy, and awareness tools that create whole new possibilities for you and your body. You will be invited to move, play, laugh, honor your body, and have more joy and ease as you reconnect with yourself. Above all, you are invited to just be. All levels welcome.

Kundalini Yoga

This energizing and uplifting class offers a full spectrum practice for the body, mind and spirit. You’ll be guided through a precise combination of dynamic physical movement, breathwork, mantra, and meditation. Explore the deeper dimensions within you using these ancient yogic techniques. Kundalini is designed to challenge you both physically and mentally. Expect to move, breath, chant and get high on life! All levels welcome.

Soul Sweat 

With universal themes and energetic playlists to inspire your flow, Soul Sweat is a dynamic vinyasa flow practice designed to create harmony and union for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self. A basic to intermediate knowledge of yoga asana practice is recommended, though everyone is welcome to participate and learn! All levels welcome.

Powerful Flow

This class is powerful, fun and fast paced. Laughter, play, and vulnerability are strongly encouraged. Prepare to dive deep into who YOU truly are. Come play! All levels welcome.


Are you aware of what’s holding you back? Do you have a gift but cannot put it in practical use? Do you need someone with experience to guide you?


Emotional wounds limit expression and expansion. Certain habits are obstacles towards success. Relationships of all kinds are based on communication and emotional intelligence. Becoming a leader, an entrepreneur, or cycle breaker starts within.

Our coaches will help you with practical advice to expose your full potential.


Relaxation & Pain Relief

Release your body from stress and pain with time devoted to your wellness. Massage and various modalities combine to offer you total relaxation and renewal. Decrease the amount of pain medications you take and become able to do more. Come for a massage and learn about all our incredible offerings.


Massage & Thai Yoga Massage



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